introduction and how to use this System

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introduction and how to use this System

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:45 am

This forum was created by a small group of foreign and Chinese workers in Beijing, China to support our brothers and sister workers in the U.S. auto Industry. All U.S. autoworkers are welcome here. You can create new topics and post messages on contract issues, on problems about the union or auto companies, or anything else related to your work. Autoworkers all over the world face pressure on our jobs, wages, and working conditions from bosses and companies all over the world. Only if we reach out and join hands can we defeat them and gain our social rights. We know you are also using Facebook to communicate with each other; but we think this system can help you to better organize and share information. Please feel free to use either. You are not alone!

In solidarity with you from Beijing, China.


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